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Coming from the Latin word – candelabrum, referring to the multiple arms candle holder, a chandelier is a heavy, round, and wall-dangling light structure that is often elaborated with many ornaments and crystals. Modern Chandeliers are decorated with fluorescent lamps or LED light bulbs and are often found in hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms.residential electricians

Chandelier had long been associated with luxury and status because of its elegant yet complex designs. Before the 18th century, only homes of the nobles or rich merchants would be able to afford such sophistication. With the development of glassmaking which proliferated the production of lead crystal and also the widespread use of gas and electricity, chandeliers became more common through the 19th century. Currently, the chandelier remains popular in two forms – the candle holder mimic or pendulous crystal lightings.

Installing a chandelier may be less complicated than what you may have imagined. Nevertheless, there are still details to pay attention to because of its complexity as compared to normal lighting. The most important step to chandelier installation is to know the weight of the chandelier so that the support is sturdy enough to hold the drooping lights. Normal ceiling mounting boxes are able to suspend structures that are not heavier than 63 pounds, thus, a special brace fan is essential for a bulky chandelier.

During installation, there may also be a need to shorten the chain to maintain a certain distance between eye level and the ceiling for aesthetic and safety consideration. Moreover, it is also necessary to thread the wire through all chandelier chains while ensuring its stability at the same time. Therefore, installation usually is a combined effort of two or more people.

Maintaining a chandelier can be a rather challenging task because of the many components that need to be taken care of. Always remember to switch off the light and let the lamp cool down first before cleaning. Depending on the chandelier, some disassembling may be needed while others permit cleaning on the spot. For the former, remember to remove with care and label the parts, so that there will not hassle fixing them back after cleaning.

Besides, use cleaners that are crystal friendly or simply soak the separated parts in warm water with a tinge of vinegar to remove any dust or dirt. For the unmovable parts, use a moist cloth to wrap across each and every crystal structure. Ensure it is thoroughly dry before turning it on again.

Remember to turn off the electricity and check if the bulbs are still connected to the live current during chandelier removal. Let the lamp cool down before taking out the light bulbs and following the removal of the structure. If the chandelier is to be used again elsewhere, ensure that all wires and chains are intact and long enough for the next usage.

Due to its complication, it is recommended to have a certified specialist or installer to complete the process so that the quality of usage will not be compromised.

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Do You Have Questions About Your Car Insurance

Many people have several questions about their Car Insurance that they had wished they had asked before they bought their insurance. To give you a general idea of what to expect from your Car Insurance, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) you may want to know the answer to.Car Insurance - Auto Insurance

Why do you need to insure your car?

You need to insure your car because the law would not allow you to drive on the road unless you have a car’s financial responsibility, which ensures that you would be able to pay damages or injuries while you drive your car. Through your Car Insurance, you are able to do this. Government laws also prohibit driving your car without insurance. You could be given citations or fines if you violate this law.

Is there a difference between the insurance premiums of men from women?

Yes, there is a difference because men generally have a higher premium than women. This is based on the fact that studies had shown that more men have been reported to be “bolder” when driving making them more prone to accidents and injury. Researches have proven that women tend to drive more carefully and more slowly than men, therefore fewer claims paid by the insurer.

Is there a difference between the insurance premiums of younger persons from that of older ones?

Yes, younger drivers have a higher premium than older persons because statistics show that younger drivers are more high-spirited in driving. They tend to drink more and are bolder and more adventurous making them more prone to accidents and injury. Younger drivers also drive more than older drivers.

Do I need Comprehensive Car Insurance?

This would depend upon your finances and your lifestyle. You should determine whether you would be paying more for the insurance premium or less. If you don’t drive often and your car is in good working condition, then you might not need it. This would depend upon the cost you spend paying the premium compared to the cost you would spend paying minor repairs outside your Car Insurance.

Is it true that my premium will increase after my first claim?

After your first claim, your Car Insurance premium would tend to increase because the insurer would generally increase your premium, so be sure to claim when you truly need it. You bought your insurance in the first place to cover your expenses in such eventualities but be a wise client and know this fact.

Do I pay less insurance premium if I have no records of DUI or traffic violations?

Yes, most Car Insurance Companies would lower your premium if you have no record of DUI or traffic violations. This is because it ensures them that you will not be claiming very often allowing them to earn more in the process.

These are the frequently asked questions by people who would like their cars insured. If you have questions aside from those mentioned here, then you can always ask the company where you plan to buy your Car Insurance.

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Houston Products Liability Lawyer

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We Have Been Winning Defective Products Liability Cases For Over 20 Years

Houston Texas defective product attorney

Since the founding of Our Law Offices in 1990, our Houston injury attorneys have been helping those injured due to another’s negligence. This article is intended to explain products liability law, highlight some of our successes, and demonstrate how the attorneys at Our Law Office should be your first choice to represent you in your Houston-area product liability claim.product liability law

How Do Product Liability Cases Work?

Product liability laws are generally all-encompassing in order to provide potential plaintiffs with all avenues of recovery to ensure that they receive the compensation that they deserve as a result of their injury. When an individual brings a product liability suit, all parties that are part of the chain of distribution will be considered potentially liable. Parties that are considered a part of the chain of distribution are all parties that had some level of involvement with the product from the design, to the sale of the product. This would include any manufacturers, sellers, delivery agencies, and all other similar parties. The thought process behind holding all these parties liable is that it is the responsibility of all parties to ensure that a safe product is being sold.

When you are pursuing a product liability cause of action there are generally two different avenues you will pursue, either a wrongful death claim or an injury claim that arose out of the defective product. Each of these types of injuries will have different recovery options. When you are dealing with a wrongful death cause of action you will typically be seeking reparation for the lost assets the deceased individual would have provided absent the death. These types of assets include loss of income. You will also seek monetary relief for your emotional losses as well as any medical expenses that your loved one may have incurred arising from the defective product injury prior to their death. An injury claim will seek relief for lost wages you may have had to incur from any absence from work. Other payments will be for pain and suffering and medical bills as well among other recoverable damages.

Example Cases

Our Law Offices have handled a multitude of very diverse cases in the product liability context. We have a history of success in these types of cases, whether they are defective medicine, tires, vehicles, toys, or even boats. A few highlights of our past successes: our ability to win a case where a woman suffered injuries to her back and broke several bones as a result of a defective throttle assembly in a boat. Another case where we were successful was where our client was injured while walking through a public park when a nearby bird-feeder burst into flames. We have also won cases for auto defects and many other different product liability causes of action. There isn’t a product liability case that we are not prepared to handle.

Why Experience is Necessary

Experience matters in several different trains of thought. You want an attorney that has been successful in these types of cases because they will know what to do, and how to present your evidence in the best possible light for you.product defects law

Most cases will never see the inside of a court room, the settlement offers that you will receive will not only be based upon the quality of your case but mostly on the defendant’s belief in their likelihood of winning the case at trial. Defense lawyers know that any case we represent will not be an easy victory in trial, and they are more likely to avoid trial be increasing their offers.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a defective or faulty product, know that you have rights. The attorneys at Our Law Offices are here to help you get the results that you are seeking. We have handled a multitude of different cases just like yours and may be able to help you recover as well. To discuss your recovery options with us call us; you will be glad you did.