Month: January 2016

Donald Trump’s Sharp Comments On Ted Cruz

Donald Trump's Sharp Comments

The political scene in America is heating up with the forthcoming elections, and recently Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump complained that his rival Sen Ted Cruz is lying about his records. He said to ABC news that Ted Cruz is a mess. On Monday Cruz responded saying that he is not interested in personal attacks. Maintaining his stance, he offered that his approach to Trump would be the same. He also added that Trump is insulting him on a daily basis, and that has become his prerogative.

In Cruz’s words, “My approach to Donald is the same before — that I will not engage in insults. I will not engage in personal attacks. Donald has changed how he has approached me in that now he is insulting me every day, and he can do that. That is his prerogative.”

Donald Trump's Sharp Comments On Ted CruzMeanwhile, Trump said that he is contemplating whether to attend the presidential debate on Thursday organized by Megyn Kelly as he feels that she is unprofessional and is against him. About attending the debate, Trump remains unclear irrespective of the assumptions made against him. Meanwhile, a Fox News spokesperson said that Trump has to learn that he has no option with journalists. The spokesperson also said that he is surprised at how Trump is reacting to Megyn Kelly’s questioning.

Trump continued to comment on Cruz’s eligibility to contest elections. He questioned the citizenship of Cruz. Continuing on this, he said that people realize that he cannot contest elections. Trump cited constitutional scholars saying Cruz is likely to be eligible if settled by law.

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