Month: November 2015

Clinton Lags Behind On Trust But Leads On Issues

Clinton Lags Behind On Trust

With the campaigning gathering heat, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s advantage is shrinking when compared to Sanders from the same party. Off late Sanders has gone to make a double-digit lead over Clinton on trustworthiness and honesty putting down the strengths of Clinton to connect with the voters’ priorities. Though, Clinton leads the ABC News and Washington Post poll when it comes to handling individual issues. But when it comes to regulating banks and financial institutions there are exceptions. Clinton’s support is low while Sanders hit a high growing by 8 percent last month, turning to a 17 point gain with independents. On the contrary, Clinton was down by 19 points from 31 points.

The ABC Langer Research Associates has it that Sander now leads by 13 points as being honest and trustworthy than his Democratic opponent. This fact can be a disadvantage to Clinton as the Republicans will mention this at every given chance if Clinton becomes the nominee. Clinton is clearly down by 17 point lead she enjoyed last month. When it comes to attributes like trust to handling key issues, she secures a wider margin. Some of the other attribute leads include Clinton emerges 18 points more in trust to handle the economy, in health she leads by 21 points, on immigration issues she leads by 29 points, terrorism by 37 points and international crisis by 41 points. Clinton also has a 28 point advantage when it comes to better temperament and personality to shine as a president.

Regarding gender gap, Clinton takes a comfortable lead of 22 points over Sanders with women, and 16 points lead with men. The gender gap has been evident in the past but variable. Similarly, in the non-whites vs. white Clinton leads by 67-28 among non-whites and 45-43 among whites. Among Democrats, Clinton has a lead of 59-33 percent but among independents supporting Democratic, Party Sander leads 49-43 percent. Sander leads with liberals 53-43 percent. With Moderates Clinton leads with 21 points. Sanders seem to be popular with young adults. Clinton holds the reigns when it comes to people older than 40 with a lead of 65-23 percent.

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