Month: October 2015

Donald Trump Initiates Twitter Polls On His Participation For Fox News Debate

Participation For Fox News Debate

The Megyn Kelly debate is still awaiting confirmation from Republican presidential prospect Donald Trump after he openly admitted that the Fox News anchor is unprofessional. Answering questions of whether Trump will participate in the Thursday night debate, his manager Corey Lewandowski said to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, “He’s not afraid to take a question, Good Morning America” today.” He furthered that Megyn Kelly is obsessed with Trump and in such circumstances it is tough to have an honest debate. Trump decided not to participate in the Fox News debate after the conflict that widened just before the Iowa caucuses.

Lewandowski made it clear that Trump may not participate in the discussion. Meanwhile, Kelly said that the questions are tough, and Fox News is taking no efforts to bow out from this issues following Trump’s comment on women. While welcoming Trump to be part of the debate, Fox News spokesperson said that such action violates journalistic standards. He added, “We can’t give into terrorizations toward any of our employees.” The statement from Fox News also held the comments of Lewandowski stating that Kelly experienced a tough patch after the previous debate and didn’t want her to undergo similar situations.

After contemplating whether to attend the debate or not, Donald Trump initiated a Twitter poll on his participation in the debate. The way Trump initiated the polls on Twitter has come under sharp comments by the network. Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign manager said that the debate will have less audience if Trump is not part of the debate, enforcing his popularity.