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Beating The Health Hazards After A Snowstorm


Heavy snowfall is predicted this winter, and it is essential to remain cautious while venturing out. Following a few health tips can keep you safe this winter. Frostbites are common during icy winters. Developing a frostbite can take just a minute or two informs Dr. Edmundo Mandac, University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Ohio. Do not ignore the pain in the fingers these could be symptoms of frostbite. He adds chances of frostbite are high during repetitive trips outside. Do not shovel the snow until the weather is warm outside it can lead to a heart attack. Avoid alcohol with other medications as it can affect the regulation of body temperature. Elders in the family have to be checked for hypothermia as it can lead to coma. Elderly people have to be warmed up enough as they find it difficult to regulate body temperature. The US CDC advises on how to warm properly up the home. It does not recommend generates as it generates carbon monoxide gas.

Things To Do In A Snowstorm

Do In A Snowstorm

There are many myths in the minds of people regarding a snowstorm. Many believe that having alcohol will warm them off the chill. However, there are many other technical reasons to work over when you get news about a snowstorm. Some myths can even prove to be dangerous to you. Experts say that the warm feeling given by brandy or whiskey during colds can be very dangerous. In fact, too much alcohol will end up making you cooler in some time. The US department of disease control and prevention stated that having alcoholic or caffeinated beverages makes your body lose heat faster.
If your body temperature is not properly regulated, it can lead to your death in a snow storm. Do not take any such risk. The following myths are very dangerous. Unless and until you know every scientific reason behind a fact, do not follow it. You can fall into a myth trap that will ultimately affect you negatively and nothing else. Also, drinking alcohol makes your body slightly impaired. You do not realize what is happening to you, but, in reality, affects you wrongly. Alcohol neutralizes the effect of cold and makes us feel the warmth, but puts extra strain on our body. The American Heart Association has explained this phenomenon very logically after significant studies.
Never go for shoving snow early in the morning. It might seem a responsible activity to pick up a shovel in the morning and work, but actually, it can impact your health adversely. Especially, people already at a risk of heart attack must stay away from such activities. Going to a warm place for a vacation or getting the flu puts your health at high risk. Staying indoors in the winter season is better. It protects a person from any severe health effect.
Our body is more vulnerable during the winter months. Small children and senior citizens need special care during this time. Keep your house properly heated. Room heaters, fireplace, and comfortable winter wears are ideal for areas prone to snowstorms. Do not put your health at risk in any way during these months.

Outbreak Of A New Deadly Virus

New Deadly Virus

Every year we hear one or another deadly virus affecting the human race. A new alert has been declared by the World Health Organization against the Zika virus. Worries regarding zika virus is intensifying as it is associated with a paralysis syndrome. It gives rise to a birth defect in newborns. These birth defects occurring in infants are termed as microcephaly. Health experts are head over heels working behind stopping the impact of this deadly virus. The health officials have asked women of the reproductive age to delay pregnancies till 2018. Birth defects are highly probably due to the zika virus, and thus, a delay is advisable till this virus is under control.
Earlier, the development team in El Salvador found 492 cases of zika virus. The El Salvador health department issued this guideline after finding thousands of birth defect cases in Brazil. The head and brain of children are not developed in microcephaly case. The government of Brazil has called in the military to help push the deadly virus. They have also sent in military aid for health workers who are working to combat the virus. It is spread by mosquitoes. Marcelo Castro, the Brazilian health minister passed a statement saying that 2,66,000 community health workers will be employed along with 44,000 health agents to eradicate the virus.
Previously, the concerns were not high. It only happened after thousands of reports were placed regarding the same kind of problem. A rare paralysis syndrome has also come up with the virus. Guillain-Barre Syndrome is caused by an immunological response which occurs after the infection. It occurs after infection from other viral bacteria which include influenza. In Colombia also, women are ordered to avoid pregnancies for the coming two years. Scientists are gathering more information about zika virus. Upon proper discovery, only some considerable steps will be taken.
Aedes genus of mosquitoes is the primary carriers of this virus. This is the same mosquito which leads to the spread of dengue virus. Till now, the effects of Zika virus have been found mainly in South East Asia, Africa, and Pacific islands.