Month: September 2015

Beating The Health Hazards After A Snowstorm


Heavy snowfall is predicted this winter, and it is essential to remain cautious while venturing out. Following a few health tips can keep you safe this winter. Frostbites are common during icy winters. Developing a frostbite can take just a minute or two informs Dr. Edmundo Mandac, University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Ohio. Do not ignore the pain in the fingers these could be symptoms of frostbite. He adds chances of frostbite are high during repetitive trips outside. Do not shovel the snow until the weather is warm outside it can lead to a heart attack. Avoid alcohol with other medications as it can affect the regulation of body temperature. Elders in the family have to be checked for hypothermia as it can lead to coma. Elderly people have to be warmed up enough as they find it difficult to regulate body temperature. The US CDC advises on how to warm properly up the home. It does not recommend generates as it generates carbon monoxide gas.