Month: March 2016

Marketing and SEO a great Combination

Marketing Campaigns Combined with SEO In San Antonio

Is your San Antonio seo company combining your marketing campaign with your search engine optimization?  For years companies have treated seo campaigns separately from marketing campaigns.  If you want your business to succeed you need to make sure your marketing agenda is synced with your search engine optimization campaign.  The truth is seo is marketing and companies are just now beginning to understand the importance and value of SEO in San Antonio.

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A companies marketing budget should have a place for seo campaigns.  SEO is marketing and often when a client calls to ask about search engine optimization services they don’t have a budget.  The potential client has a budget for mailers or online yellow page ads but they haven’t considered their budget for seo. San Antonio business owners need to understand the importance of search engine marketing and allocate a proper budget.  If you hired an seo company in San Antonio and they increased your client base how much would they improve your return on investment?  How much money would the search engine marketing company bring in to your business?

Times are definitely changing and San Antonio business owners are beginning to see the importance of a great seo company.  Even more importantly business owners are beginning to realize their search engine marketing should indeed be a part of their marketing goals and strategies.  SEO is marketing and they are not disconnected and if you can start to understand the process then your business will stand out from your competitors.

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If you have a marketing plan then search engine optimization should be a facet or branch from that marketing plan. The marketing plan should take all of the needs of the company into an action plan.  The main goal of marketing is client outreach and how you can gain more clients.  SEO is online client outreach and makes sure clients find your website for keywords that define the services you offer.  If you can only find your website by typing in your business name into the search engines then you need an SEO San Antonio company fast!

Your competitors probably already have an online marketing plan and so should you.  Don’t get left behind in the online marketing game and make sure your clients can easily find your services and they are not finding your competitors.  If you don’t have an San Antonio seo company working for you and helping you bring in more clients then it is about time you found one.  A good search engine optimization agency will ask you questions and make sure they tailor your plan to fit the needs of your clients.  Not every agency is the same and some will try to offer cookie cutter plans but you can usually tell the good ones from the mediocre companies.  If your website isn’t helping you secure new clients then it is time you checked into search engine marketing companies in the San Antonio area.

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