How To Maximize Energy-Efficient Lighting

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How To Maximize Energy-Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficiency

Lighting is excellent for indoor and outdoor use; it provides illumination for everyday activities or can accentuate certain things in your home. Out of the total energy used in a home, about 5 to 10 percent of that is spent on lights. Although you probably spend more on AC or heating, lighting can be a great way to make your house green and more energy efficient.

Take Advantage of the Sun

Natural lighting is the most energy-efficient way to brighten your home because it comes from the sun. In combination with energy-efficient windows, daylight is practical and energy efficient. When the sun illuminates your home during the day, there is a reduced need for artificial lighting, which reduces your electricity bill. More on this website

To increase your home’s natural light, installing more windows or skylights is also a great solution.

Task Lighting is a Better Option

Turning the lights on in a room where you may only want to read a book or work on something at your desk may not be the most energy-efficient way to use lights. Switching to this method effectively illuminates the space you are using, but only to light the direct area you want. More on this website

By doing this, the cost of ceiling lights is reduced, and you are making your home greener by the minute!

Quick Tips to Save Energy

Purchase LED light bulbs to save energy in your home
Turn off the lights in rooms you’re not using to save money and energy
Install solar-powered outdoor lights to reduce the amount of energy you use
High-Intensity Discharge Lighting

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting is the most effective type and lasts the longest in your home. This type of lighting saves you energy compared to incandescent lighting- even up to 90%! This type of lighting is great because instead of producing a lot of heat, they produce a more significant amount of visible light than fluorescent and incandescent lights.

HID lights take a while to produce light when they first turn on but are still very effective and energy efficient for environments where they are on for many hours.

Energy Star Rating

Purchasing ENERGY STAR® products is an excellent idea because they are extremely energy efficient. Another plus is that these products meet the guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, which is essential because they don’t only save energy but are very effective in lowering your utility bills.


Lighting is something we can’t live without, right? So making sure we are cautious about turning off lights, using the sun’s rays as much as possible, and purchasing light bulbs that are energy efficient and cost-effective is a great way to make your house greener while still keeping it bright.

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