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What Is a 55 Plus Community?

Simply put, a 55 plus community is one that houses only people over the age of 55. These retirement or active adult communities have gotten to be very popular over the past few years, and for a number of reasons. Most senior citizens who choose to live in retirement communities, do so because they want security as well as companionship. A community of like people, meaning those around the same age and who share the same personal interests, makes people feel more secure and generally more satisfied with their surroundings.

There are a number of choices when it comes to selecting a 55 plus community in which to live. Those interested in this type of lifestyle should consult with a realtor that possesses experience in helping active adults find likeminded communities. Homes generally range in price, depending on the specific community in question as well as the various amenities, activities, and other aspects offered, and the location of the community. While there are literally tens of thousands of realty companies in any given region, there are not always companies that are experienced in this type of housing arrangement. Choosing an experienced realtor can help to avoid misunderstandings and general mayhem when choosing a community.

Our realtors offers experienced realty assistance for those seeking a retirement community. Interested seniors can consult with them about housing communities in their areas.


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